Who We Are

Dynamic Chess Ville is an in-school chess/scrabble training and one-on-one mentoring facilitating entity in Nigeria for the past 5 years. In Dynamic Chess Ville our focus is to make the champion out of the young stars of today through board games such as chess and scrabble.

What We Do

Provide private lessons
We cater to children & Teenagers from age or 4 years old to 20 and ability levels from 0-1800ELO.

Our training method is a step-by-step approach for beginners and structured lesson plans for more advanced pupils.
Offer online lessons
We provide online lessons for students. We undertake game analysis, opening preparation, tactics training plus revision, and homework.
Scrabble coaching
We provide scrabble coaching to kids and teenagers in a simplified method but yet comprehensive enough to improve anyone from the beginner level to club player.

Run chess clubs in schools
We run clubs in numerous schools in Lagos. Our coaches are professionals with years of experience. Each coach follows a prepared curriculum that we operate in every school.

Become A Teacher

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