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Online Chess Lessons

We offer chess lessons online using an interactive board where students can watch and listen to the coach analyzing games with problem-solving sessions.    
chess in school

Chess in school

We would like to propose chess training in your school as an extracurricular activity or thought as part of your curriculum which will help facilitate an improvement in your students’ growth academically, socially, and their all-round development. BENEFITS TO THE STUDENTS 1. Their cognitive skill (thinking ability/IQ) will be greatly…

Scrabble for Elementary Schools

One of the most obvious advantages of playing Scrabble is that it’ll teach you to expand your vocabulary. But as a word game, it will also help you to improve your word-derivation skills. We use scrabble as a special tool to help elementary pupils improve on their vocabulary bank hence enhancing their communication.…
private chess coaching

Private Chess Coaching

Private chess lessons are one of the most efficient ways to improve your child’s playing ability. Our teachers have years of experience with students of various ages and ability levels. Our teachers provide assistance at chess tournaments, building an opening repertoire specific to a student’s strengths and tournament game review…
school kids playing scrabble

Private Scrabble Coaching

Want your kid(s) to become a scrabble expert? With us scrabble playing goes beyond just a fun game, is a MIND SPORT. We ensure our students standout among peers. Beyond playing the game, we infuse scrabble with language learning.