Chess in school

chess in school
  • Students: 220

We would like to propose chess training in your school as an extracurricular activity or thought as part of your curriculum which will help facilitate an improvement in your students’ growth academically, socially, and their all-round development.

1. Their cognitive skill (thinking ability/IQ) will be greatly enhanced
2. Their calculation skills are greatly be enhanced and they get to solve a problem faster
3. They get to understand “taking responsibility for their action”
4. Their sense of creativity will greatly be enhanced/improved or helped to be
5. They get to understand the value of concentration and teamwork
6. They get to improve pattern recognition, which will help them both in school
and life
7. They build in self-confidence
After the first term coaching, the student will start attending a tournament, which will further help the student develop their spirit of competition, teamwork and will also help the instructor to know the strength and weakness of the student and aspect(s) that need to be work on them.

1. The standard of the school will be highly improved
2. As the students begin to win tournaments (which they certainly will) the school name will be on everyone lips, and the school  population will certainly increase
3. Also, Dynamic Chess Ville will organize competition in the name of your school every year (starting from the second year of coaching)

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